Device Health

The Duo Device Health Application is an application installed on your desktop or laptop that performs health checks whenever you access Duo protected applications, ensuring that your computer meets the organization’s security requirements. This helps protect corporate data and make sure your computer is less vulnerable to compromise.

Vulnerable laptops or desktops accessing corporate resources exposes organizations to potential attacks, financial damage and compliance issues. Duo's Device Health Application reduces risk by ensuring compliance of corporate devices to business standards and provides visibility into personal devices before granting them access to corporate resources.

Duo Device Health supports the following platforms:

  • Windows 10 client editions, including Enterprise, Pro, and Home.
  • macOS 10.13 and later.

Duo Device Health application does not support Windows Server, earlier versions of Windows, or macOS beta versions.

Install Device Health

Duo's Device Health app takes up very little space and will not slow your system or other apps down. It does not erase data, access your personal files, or change your computer settings. Learn what data the Device Health app collects.

Device Health app installation requires that you have administrator privileges on your computer. If you do not have administrative rights on your computer, please contact your Duo admin.

Download and Install During Login

  1. When you log in to an application that is protected by Duo, and for which your organization's Duo policy requires the Device Health app, you'll see a download button within the Duo Prompt. Click it to download the Device Health app installer.
  2. Download Device Health from Duo Prompt

  3. Locate the Duo Device Health application installer in your browser downloads folder. On Windows the installer is an MSI file, and on macOS the installer is a DMG file.
  4. Run the Device Health app installer, following the on-screen prompts.
  5. Once the Device Health install completes, return to the Duo Prompt and click the link to continue logging in to the application.
  6. Continue login after Device Health Install

    Start Device Health

    The Device Health app should start automatically after installation, but can also be started manually if needed:


    1. Open Spotlight with Command key ⌘ + Space bar.
    2. Type Duo Device Health and click the application search result.

    Windows 10

    1. Open the Start Menu with Windows key ⊞ key or click the Windows logo on the far left of the taskbar.
    2. Type DuoDeviceHealth and click the application search result.

    Other Install Methods

    If your organization manages your computer, your IT team may push the Device Health app to your computer automatically, without you needing to perform the install steps.

    Your Duo administrator might also ask you to install the Device Health app ahead of time. You can download the installers directly with these links:

    View checksums for Duo downloads.

    Device Health App Updates

    Keep the Device Health app up to date. You'll be notified when a newer version of the app becomes available. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.

    Log in with Device Health

    When you enter username and password into a Duo protected application, the Duo Device Health application checks the health of your device before you are able to access the application. This should only take a few seconds.

    Device Health Check from Duo Prompt

    Once the health check completes you may choose an authentication method to verify your identity and log in to the application.

    Fix Device Health Issues

    If the Device Health check determines that your computer doesn't meet the security requirements for your organization, then you can't access the protected application and you'll see a notification in the Duo Prompt. Clicking the link in the notification opens the Device Health app, which shows you what you need to address on your computer before you can access the application.

    Device Health Action Required

    Click on the setting that needs action to see instructions for how to correct it so your device is healthy.