Apple Watch and Duo Mobile

Duo supports two-factor login request approval and passcode generation from an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch support requires Duo Mobile 3.8 or later. To see which version of Duo Mobile is installed on your device, open Duo Mobile and tap the menu icon. The app version will be displayed in the bottom left corner.

You'll need to enable Apple Watch notifications for Duo Mobile. Open the Watch app on your phone, tap "My Watch", and scroll down then tap the entry for Duo. Enable "Show App on Apple Watch".

Duo Push

When you receive a two-factor push notification, you'll also see the notification on your paired Apple Watch if your phone is locked. Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine is a linear actuator inside the device that produces haptic feedback, meaning it literally taps you on the wrist whenever you receive an alert or notification. That means you’ll also feel a tap whenever a login request is sent via Duo Mobile, letting you quickly log in or deny the request.

You can approve the two-factor authentication login request or deny the login request without ever touching your phone.

Apple Watch

If your organization requires Duo Push verification with a numeric code you can draw or narrate the code to approve the login request from your Watch.

You'll only see the Duo request on your watch when your phone is locked. Notifications won't go to your Apple Watch when your phone is unlocked.

Duo Passwordless push login requests can't be approved from an Apple Watch because passwordless push authentication requires that you complete an additional verification step — either biometric verification with Touch ID or Face ID or entering your device's screen lock PIN. The same additional verification step may be necessary for two-factor Duo Push authentication if your organization's Duo policy enforces it. In these situations, the Duo notification received on your Apple Watch instructs you to open Duo Mobile on your phone to view the request.


You can also generate passcodes from the Duo Apple Watch app. Simply launch the app from the watch and tap an account to generate a passcode for that account.

Generate a Passcode on Apple Watch