Append Mode

Applications and devices that don't support the inline Duo Prompt or a secondary passcode field can use append mode. You'll enter both your password and an authentication method into the password field.

How to Use Append Mode

Enter your password and the authentication method you want to use, separated with a comma. It will look something like this:


In place of authentication_method:

Type... To...
password,passcode Log in using a passcode, either generated with Duo Mobile, sent via SMS, generated by your hardware token, or provided by an administrator.
Examples: mypass123,123456 or mypass123,1456789
password,push Push a login request to your phone (if you have Duo Mobile installed and activated on your iOS or Android device). Just review the request and tap "Approve" to log in.
password,phone Authenticate via phone callback.
password,sms Get a new batch of SMS passcodes.
Your login attempt will fail — log in again with one of your new passcodes.

You can also add a number to the end of these factor names if you have more than one device registered. For example, push2 will send a login request to your second phone, phone3 will call your third phone, etc.


To use Duo Push if your password is "hunter2", type:


To use the passcode "123456" if your password is "hunter2", type:


To send new SMS passcodes to your second phone if your password is "hunter2", type:


The comma is Duo's default separator character between your password and the Duo factor. Your administrator may have changed this to a different character. Be sure to follow the instructions sent to you by your organization if they differ from what's shown here.